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TR Pro+ TM for Tissue Repair

TR Pro+ TM for Tissue Repair

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TR Pro+TM can be used in most wound situations, and is particularly effective on skin that has been irritated, damaged or wounded following cosmetic and medical procedures.

Film-Forming, Flexible, Full Contact

TR Pro+TM dries to form a thin, transparent and durable protective film that stays in constant contact with the skin.

Hydration And Water Loss

TR Pro+TM is absorbed into the skin to provide hydration while at the same time providing a barrier to reduce epidermal water loss.

Aesthetic Benefit

TR Pro+TM has been shown in clinical trials to reduce skin wrinkling and increase elastosis. 

Wound Healing And Scar Formation

TR Pro+TM absorbs exudate leading to improved wound healing4 . Increased hydration provides an environment favourable to normal scar formation.


TR Pro+TM provides a barrier that protects against microbial infection while at the same time allowing the skin to breathe.

Cooling Effect

TR Pro+TM provides a cooling effect to soothe damaged skin and helps relieve pain and itching. Heat generated from cosmetic procedures is able to dissipate freely.

Reduces Oxidative Stress

TR Pro+TM has antioxidant capacity to protect skin against oxidative stress that may be caused by UV radiation.

Stops Bleeding

TR Pro+TM acts as a haemostatic agent to stop bleeding.

Cosmetically Elegant

Upon being left to dry and absorb into the skin, TR Pro+TM is not visible and can have makeup and sunscreen applied.

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